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We strive to be honest and transparent in all aspects of the project, including communicating openly with team members and stakeholders, ensuring that all work is completed to the best of one's ability, and not engaging in any activities that may compromise the integrity of the project.


Authenticity involves being honest about one's strengths and weaknesses, and being willing to express one's own thoughts and ideas rather than just following the crowd.


We seek to produce high-quality solutions for our clients. Dedicated employees can inspire their team members to strive for success, creating a more productive work environment.


We are always working together with others in order to achieve a common goal. This involves sharing ideas, resources, and responsibilities in order to reach a desired outcome.

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Full Scale SOX Implementation

Whether you need 404a or 404b compliance or you’re optimizing your institutional framework in preparation for an initial public offering, our experts excel at full scale SOX compliance and implementation. With extensive relevant and present-day experience, we will help you identify your risks, design, test, and, if needed, tailor the essential controls to ensure that you have an unbeatable framework for risk management and internal control.

Financial Reporting

Good accounting is the bedrock of all sound company decisions and the beacon that guides your business through perilous waters. Our team will produce technical accounting memos, as well as accurate and timely financial data and comprehensive reports. Whether mandated by loan agreements, investors, regulations, or stringent SEC requirements, we'll ensure that your financial reporting is precise and delivered on time.

IPO Readiness

When a business is experiencing rapid growth, an IPO is one of the best ways to propel it to the next level, providing not only immediate capital but also a wide range of options for future financing. We’ll provide the expertise to verify that your financials are in top shape and ensure clean audit opinions will be secured. Also, we’ll assess your existing financial reporting process and internal control environment to verify that the proper measures are in place.

Business Combination & Purchase Price Allocation

Acquiring a company is a great way to achieve top line growth or cost efficiencies through synergies identified in a target company. Horizon Advisors are experts in developing and pressure testing the inputs and assumptions used as a basis for the valuation of the target company. With our support, you’ll attain clear visibility of the book value, while providing comfort to your auditors and investors.

S-1 Filing

When taking your company public, Form S-1 is the detailed registration statement you need to submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It offers public investors their first look at your organization, including its financial health, unique risks, and the management's vision and strategy for the future. We’ll prepare the S-1 form for you so your company's story is told in a clear, comprehensive, and complete manner.

Accounting & Finance Quality Staffing

People are the heart of every business. Staff turnover can be demoralizing and debilitating, especially when it involves vital employee skills and experience. Getting the right people into the right roles can take your company to new heights and keep it there. At Horizon Advisors, we’ll find the ideal candidate to temporarily fill any open financial reporting, audit, or accounting position. That lets you get on with business and means you won’t have to rush important staffing decisions.

18 Mos

Average minimum amount of months it takes to assess and execute an IPO


Increase in global IPO deals when comparing 2022 to pre-pandemic 2019


Number of global IPOs in 2022


Listed domestic and international companies on the NYSE and Nasdaq as of September 2022

I love seeing the immediate relief our clients experience, when they realize their most challenging issues have been placed in good hands. By providing added bandwidth and expertise, together we're able to achieve great things and resolve the most urgent matters our clients may have today.


Global Markets Experts

Horizon Advisors have supported clients and their key initiatives all over the world. Multinational companies have a unique set of challenges including global policy implementation and oversight in foreign markets. Within this environment, we are exceptionally skilled with a deep understanding of economic and cultural landscapes in markets like Latin America and Europe.

Horizon Advisors is the ideal solution for communicating clear objectives and administering the support to these foreign teams for their success and contribution to the overall accomplishments of your organization.

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