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We are your first line of defense. Born from the Big 4, we know what your auditors and regulators are looking for. We can help you identify and resolve issues accurately and efficiently, well in advance of any critical review. Rest assured your most complex issues will be cleaned, fortified, and pressure tested ensuring a smooth and painless audit.

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Full Scale SOX Implementation

Improve your company’s financial transparency and protect shareholders, as well as the general public, from accounting errors or fraudulent practices.

Financial Reporting

Make informed decisions with rigorous financial reporting and documentiation that comprehesively tracks and analyzes the financial health of your business.

IPO Readiness

Prepare your company to sell shares by preemptively meeting regulatory requirements for governance, financial reporting, and internal processes.

Business Combination & Purchase Price Allocation

Understand what each part of a purchased business is worth with accurate value drivers, pressure testing inputs and assumptions as a basis for the valuation of the target company.

S-1 Filing

Present your company’s story to investors clearly and comprehensively with the initial S-1 Form to register with the SEC for when your company is ready to go public.

Accounting & Finance Quality Staffing

Strengthen and uplevel your team with top-notch staffing candidates for every role and level of seniority within your company’s accounting and financial departments.

At Horizon Advisors, we believe that our clientele deserves pristine, leading-edge deliverables that match and even surpass the output of the big firms.

As an elite boutique firm, we are uniquely able to execute with pinpoint precision and remarkable speed. Along with our genuine commitment to personalized service, we will always be 100% accessible and transparent throughout the entire process. Our clients will tell you that it is this savvy blend of expertise and client care that puts us a cut above. With us on your side, you’re unbeatable.

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How Does Our SOX Implementation Process Work?

There are seven steps to successful SOX implementation:


We identify key areas of focus to ensure the project is efficient and effective.

Understanding of Key Processes

We analyze the processes that run your company so we can extract detailed financial data to help you to scale up.

Identify Risk of Misstatement or Fraud

Our experts find any gaps and seek out vulnerabilities to verify they are being properly addressed.

Identify Controls Required to Mitigate Risk

We’ll evaluate existing controls to build up and strengthen their effectiveness.

Test Design and Remediate

Our professionals test your control in detail, as they are designed and break down and rebuild any issues to eliminate all weaknesses.

Monitor Effectiveness of Controls

We monitor your controls for consistency, accuracy, and reliable performance.

Evaluate Deficiencies for Impact

The final step in the process allows us to check the results for their collective and individual impact and provide a reliable basis for conclusion.

Global Markets Experts

Horizon Advisors can provide seamless integration with foreign markets. Our advisors are multilingual and have extensive knowledge of international business and investment. They have worked in a variety of economic settings and office cultures worldwide.

Through training and partnership with international teams, we help organizations to integrate domestic and international accounting policies and internal controls.

Our services

Our strength is our people

Horizon Advisors is a completely remote team with an immediate global reach. Constant communication keeps us connected and ensures the best possible service for our clients, wherever they may be.

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